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What kind of yellow paint should I get to paint the lines ...

Author: Fabricio

Nov. 28, 2023

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Parking lots are key parts of any school or business. They make a first and last impression on visitors, so keeping the area well-maintained is important. One key element of maintenance is keeping the parking lot paint fresh and visible.

It’s natural to wonder which paint is best to use for parking lot striping. Let’s go over the different options so you can decide what’s right for your establishment.

Thermoplastic Paint

If you’re seeking a paint option that can stand up to inclement weather, thermoplastic is the ideal choice. This paint’s base contains long-lasting plastic, so you won’t have to re-stripe the parking lot often.

Applying it is a little more time-consuming. The plastic in the paint warms and melts prior to application. The cost is higher than other options, but infrequent reapplications make it a worthwhile investment.

Water-Based Paint

People who are concerned about using eco-friendly materials might prefer water-based paint. This option is the most affordable and has a much quicker application than thermoplastic paint. However, the main downside of this paint is that it doesn’t stand up to the harsh elements, so it may not be the best choice if you live in an area that frequently experiences snow or rain.

Reflective Paint

A business that mainly operates at night may consider reflective paint. While it’s typically not cited as the best paint to use for parking lot striping, the glass beads in its base make it easy to see in the dark. This paint is used mostly on busy roads, though it could work well in your parking lot, depending on your needs.

Oil-Based Paint

If you live in a climate that frequently experiences cold winters, then oil-based paint is a great candidate for your lot. This paint is more cost-effective than thermoplastic, but it offers high durability that can withstand freezing temperatures. It’s not eco-friendly like the water-based option, but its long life is worth considering.

Choosing the right equipment is an important part of painting a parking lot. Trusco Manufacturing offers high-quality parking lot paint stripers that allow you to do a professional paint job. Contact us today for more information.

What kind of yellow paint should I get to paint the lines ...

What Is the Best Paint To Use for Parking Lot Striping?






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